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16GB IPod Nano by Something for The Weekend

First Published: 07/11/2009 11:18:41

27th September 2009

Seemar Parmar joined Tim Lovejoy on the Something for the Weekend sofa for the second week on the bounce this week.  The gadgets showcased this week were a puzzle called the NeoCube, the new 16GB iPod Nano and the Duncan Freehand MG Yo-Yo, the world's most expensive Yo-Yo.


The NeoCube is a magnetic puzzle / stress buster that's difficult to put down.  Comprising 216 metal ball bearings, there's no solution as such other than to make it back into a cube.  If you can't be bothered with that, just play aroud with it and see how many shapes you can make.  Available at Laskys for £29.99.

16GB iPod Nano

The new 16GB iPod Nano includes an number of features not present on its predecessors.  These include a built in video camera, an FM radio with a live pause feature, and a built in speaker.  Weighing in at only 36.4 grams, the new Nano boasts an impressive performance and it's 16GB drive will store 4000 songs, 14,000 iPod-viewable photos or 16 hours of video. Available at Dixons for £124.40.

Duncan Freehand MG Yo-Yo

The Duncan Freehand MG Yo-Yo is the most expensive yo-yo ever made.  Made from 99.5% forged magnesium it is also the also the best yo-yo you can buy and gives you ultra-smooth spins. being the best in the world obviously comes at a price so you need to be quite heavily in to yo-yoing to shell out for one of these babies.  Available exclusively at for £289.99.

* Note all items were available at the prices quoted at time of writing.

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